West Midlands Green Party

Address: http://web.archive.org/web/20210513082531/https://steve4mayor.green/ (formerly at https://steve4mayor.green)
Services: Website creation, professional email, video production
Platforms: Wordpress, YouTube, Mailchimp

(Please note: this site was deleted from our hosting and now only exists via the Wayback Machine at the link above. The site’s performance as a result is significantly worse than it was when we hosted it!)

Our own Steve Caudwell was the Green Party’s candidate in the 2021 West Midlands Combined Authority Mayoral election, coming third in a stellar performance for the party across the 2021 local elections.

The requirement was to create an easy-to-use site with full mobile responsiveness, that would serve as a landing space for voters interested in the candidate’s offer. We re-used a WordPress template authored by the excellent Simeon Rowsell in order to maintain consistency with the Green Party’s brand language, including fonts, colours and layout types.

As well as website creation, we took on the video production of the campaign videos that were issued, including principal photography, editing and assembly, audio sourcing and mixing, colour grading and stock/b-roll footage.

As this is a website I produced for my own campaign, I probably shouldn't try too hard to pass it off as anything else! Lots of credit should go to Sim Rowsell who produced the template for this site - if you're in Bristol and in need of a website (and we can't help you) be sure to check out his offer.
Steve Caudwell

Green Party Candidate, 2021 WMCA Mayoral Election

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