Gabe Performance

Services: Website Creation, Branded Email, Video Production
Platforms: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Zoho Mail, Mailpoet, Vimeo

Gabe came to us in early 2022 to take on his existing website that was stuck in development hell, but it quickly became clear that what he really needed was a ground-up rebuild.

It was important to Gabe that he was able to onboard customers with minimal manual intervention, so we designed a solution based on WooCommerce the most popular e-commerce system for Wordpress) and an automated email system using MailPoet to send onboarding mails via his email system.

Gabe also has hundreds of demonstration videos that he wanted to make available to site members, so we used our knowledge of video streaming solutions to implement a Vimeo system that allowed him to keep his content secure whilst also allowing it to be streamed from his site and on his TrainHeroic account to his customers.

We wrote a case study on our work with Gabe - you can read it here.

Since I smartened up my online presence I’m starting to get sign-ups from people I’ve never met or heard of – before, I needed to constantly be asking around for leads but now people are coming to me instead. Having a decent website has made a huge difference to how my business has grown, and it’s given me spare time back as well. It’s the best business decision I’ve made so far!

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