Combat Sports Clinic

Services: Website Management, Branded Email, Photography, Video Production, Audio Production
Platforms: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Vimeo, Zoho Mail, Mailchimp,

Combat Sports Clinic's website has gone through several iterations before ending up in its current state. It started life back in 2017 on Wix as one of Steve's first projects, and has changed hands a few times before being brought back into Simple Web Services in 2020.

The site today functions as an e-commerce platform retailing rehabilitation videos for combat sports athletes, as well as an outlet for the brand's accompanying podcast and articles by the founder.

As well as the website management, we created all the video products that the site retails, as well as producing all the podcast episodes and hosting these, originally on SoundCloud but later migrated to

Dr Rosi Sexton

Founder, Combat Sports Clinic

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