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Three questions for every small business owner:

1. Can I afford not to be online?

The United Kingdom has the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe. In 2020 the online retail market in the UK was worth £120 billion; 87% of all shoppers made an online purchase in those twelve months. That’s a market that anyone who is serious about being successful should aim to capitalise on.

2. Is my website the best it can be?

You might already have a website, but is it a website that consumers can trust to give their card details to? It’s so easy to lose business through giving the wrong impression to your visitors, particularly when your competitors are just a few taps away on a phone screen (two-thirds of all online transactions now take place on mobile devices). Projecting trustworthiness and professionalism is essential.

3. Who can I trust to deliver my online presence?

There are lots of web design agencies out there. We think you should use Simple Web Services for these reasons:

Professionalism we’ve got decades of experience in delivering projects on time and at cost. No hidden charges or unexplained extras, just clear pricing and defined outcomes.

Communication – nothing is worse than failing to keep in touch with your customers throughout a project. You wouldn’t do it, and nor will we.

Quality – we use industry-standard methods and tools to deliver our websites. Being online is a serious business, and we take our business seriously. That means not taking risks with bleeding-edge, untested building blocks.

“Since I smartened up my online presence I’m starting to get sign-ups from people I’ve never met or heard of – before, I needed to constantly be asking around for leads but now people are coming to me instead. Having a decent website has made a huge difference to how my business has grown, and it’s given me spare time back as well. It’s the best business decision I’ve made so far!”

Gabe Gennuso


How We Work

Having a robust, repeatable process for creating any product is essential. This is how we produce websites.


There’s no point in having a website that doesn’t meet your needs, or those of your customers. Discovering your requirements is essential to making sure what we do for you is actually what you want, and is the cornerstone of our development process.


The look and feel of your site is crucial in attracting and retaining customers. Choose from an off-the-peg design customised to your needs, or invest in a ground-up bespoke design. In every case, your existing brand language – fonts, colours and shapes – can be taken into account. All our design work is mobile-led, because that’s where most of your customers are.


Where the magic happens! Our development team takes your agreed design, and turns it into a web presence fit for a king. (Or an electrician. Or a seamstress, or an accountant, or…you get the picture!)


Verification is where we ensure that what is Developed is fit for purpose, based on the techincal and functional requirements that we Discovered and Designed for. This is the most important part of the production process – experience has taught us that rigorous testing and validating what’s built is essential to make sure the final product is what you, the customer, is expecting.



Once your website is Verified, it’s time to show it to the world! We devise a launch plan and walk you through it so that going live is a smooth and simple event. But the work doesn’t stop there – just like your business is always changing and evolving to take advantage of trends, so should your site. Talk to us about maintenance contracts so your presence is always at its best.

Managing the Process

Anyone who’s run projects knows that it’s not just about making the product. There are budgets to be met, changes to be controlled (ideally minimised!) and stakeholders to be managed. We have a strong project management background with PRINCE2 and APMP qualification, so you can be sure our management approach is robust and customer-focussed. All our projects come with a co-produced management plan as standard so that you are always consulted on decisions and informed of progress.

Because ultimately, it’s your website and your money that’s on the table.

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