Gabriel Gennuso is a strength and conditioning coach working in gyms and from his own premises in Solihull.

Gabe moved into online coaching during the first COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020; this was a forced move as obviously gyms were shut across the country. Initial sign-ups were a combination of word-of-mouth referrals from his existing clients who had asked him to do some remote sessions, plus a few organic social media leads from his personal accounts, but Gabe quickly realised the potential for online growth and realised he needed a better online presence. Gabe had already commissioned a website from a friend, however this wasn’t meeting his requirements so Simple Web Services took over the project.

We analysed the current site and identified a few key issues immediately:

  • Outdated and uninspiring design with low usability
  • Unclear and poorly-signposted signup process for subscriptions with no onboarding process
  • No marketing strategy leading to poor visibility
  • Unbranded emails

So a few things we could work on and get quick wins!

The design ethos we agreed with Gabe was ‘futuristic’ – Gabe’s training methods are innovative and he wanted that to be reflected in the site’s look and feel. Gabe is also a keen gamer and wanted a presence that nodded toward that, so we went for lots of angular lines, bold colour choices and a font that invokes technology and computers. Not automatically our first choice for site design, but we’re happy with the result and the site remains easy to navigate.

We looked at the signing-up process for clients who were willing to pay for Gabe’s personalised programming, and on the old site this was implemented in a somewhat suboptimal fashion. We used an industry-standard stack of WordPress and WooCommerce to deliver a tailored solution that also allows Gabe lots of flexibility to expand into product sales and multiple subscription models when he wants to.

Next we considered how to drive views to Gabe’s new site. One of the things search engines love is fresh content, so Gabe committed to writing blog posts as often as possible, with a weekly target. We also rebranded and connected his Instagram account to the site so that potential leads could see Gabe’s other online output and feel like they could get to know him as a coach. We also discussed paid advertising via Google and Instagram, and agreed this could be a next step if organic search wasn’t performing to his needs.

Finally, we set Gabe up with his own email address; Gabe was happy to use his existing personal Gmail mailbox to manage his mail, so we configured the site hosting and his email account to allow him to send from Gmail using his branded address. This is a really easy way to project a professional presence on the Internet, without having to pay for a business-class email hosting service.

We turned the job around in just under six weeks, as Gabe needed to relaunch quickly due to a change in personal circumstances that meant he only had limited time to focus on the project. After we went live, we caught up with Gabe to get his thoughts:

“I really liked the way that Steve and the team listened to me not just about what the site needed to do, but how I wanted it to look as well. Since I professionalised my online presence I’m starting to get sign-ups from people I’ve never met or heard of – before, I needed to constantly be asking around for leads but now people are coming to me instead. Having a decent website has made a huge difference to how my business has grown, and it’s given me spare time back as well. It’s the best decision I’ve made so far!”

Does Gabe’s story sound familiar to you? Have you got a site that isn’t performing, or you need to expand your reach? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.