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A branded email address makes it easier to trust you online – and that makes it easier for you to win business.

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But why spend money on email when I can get it for free?

Email is an essential tool for business in the twenty-first century. Whether it’s delivering quotes, providing order updates or just keeping in touch, almost everybody uses email.

And sure, you can go sign up for a Gmail or Yahoo! address and get going. But your email address can speak volumes about the type of operation you are. might be an entirely valid email address, but tells your customers that you take your business seriously enough to think about the image you’re presenting online.

Luckily, configuring professional email is something we can do for you quickly and effectively. We charge as little as £49 up front, with negligible ongoing costs, depending on your business needs.

Benefits of professional email


Online scammers are everywhere. Often they will create a new free email account just so they can drop it if they get too much attention. Having an email account with your business name in the domain (i.e. the bit after the ‘@’ sign) reassures your customers that you’re a reputable online presence. You’re prepared to tie your reputation as a business to your online activities, which can be a huge reassurance to nervous online shoppers.


lf you want to regularly keep in touch with your customers (e.g. a newsletter), then business-class email is essential. Companies like Google will mark your email as spam if your settings are incorrect. Worse, this can also happen with ‘transactional’ emails (like confirming an order, or letting a customer know when to expect a delivery). Having those types of email go missing is a huge reputational issue for any business that is serious about trading online.

Best Practice

Having a dedicated business email inbox means you can segregate personal emails from work emails. As well as helping to keep work and life separate, this allows you to manage your digital information better and ensure you’re keeping track of your correspondence in line with best practice and UK law (including UK GDPR and FOI legislation).

Don't be at a disadvantage - sort your professional, branded email today from just £49.